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            Where will you be checking in next?



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            อาชีพ นัก พนัน บา คา ร่า


            Where should you go ?

            There are so many places to visit, it's sometimes hard to make a decision on where to go next.
            While we want to discover new places, we sometimes also like to rediscover more familiar destinations. Here's a guide to the latest destinations I personally visited and enjoyed. 

            Cottages at Cabot Cove - Anchorage Cottage.jpg

            Where should you stay ?

            For me,  accommodation is a very important part of the trip. A great hotel will enhance your stay and help you discover and enjoy a city or a region. A hotel should be a lot of thing: a sanctuary, a nice discovery, a beautiful and comfortable space but also, an authentic establishment that reflects its environment. Here's a list of the latest hotels I enjoyed and recommend. 

            PitayaBowl_plnthouse_HighRes_ (3).jpg

            What should you eat ? 

            To me, part of the fun during a trip is to discover a city by it's... food. What better way to travel? Every city has its own and unique food scene with local eateries, chefs and restaurateurs that define a region plate by plate. Next time you travel, make sure to book a table at these restaurants to get a real taste of the city.


            What should you do?

            Making time and taking care of yourself is important. Even more so while traveling. After hours of transportation or after a long flight, in between amazing meals at top restaurants, planning some "me" time is the best way to enjoy a trip. 


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            I would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to collaborate and/or just chat with me.

            - Catherine

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